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For over 25 years we have been building specialty openers and gates for clients around the world. Please drop me an email or give me a call at (970) 946 4180 so I can answer any questions you might have. A consultation assures that you will get the HUG that is best suited for your  needs.   Dennis Evers     

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The "HUG" or Heavy Utility Gate was designed for the harsh oilfield environment.  Made in the USA, the HUG  can be used in any weather, 24/7/365 without a complaint or overtime.  Powered by a hi output solar panel, the HUG provides security by preventing  "nosey individuals"  from entering a site.  For  authorized personnel,  there are numerous options to allow access, including a key pad, card swipe and ultra long range intercom with a remote gate opener from the office. The HUGs optional automatic exit sensor  picks up vehicular movement, eliminating false openings.  

  Designed to Last

The American made  HUG uses a 1" solid steel axle shaft on two  3100 pound rated cast iron roller bearings, and an ultra heavy duty stainless actuator that has a staggering 3400 lb. load capacity - all for a 6 pound arm. The user friendly key pad offers from 1 to 999 second gate delay and millions of codes. The HUG featues a combination of  reliable high tech components mated with a bullet-proof platform to provide you with years of trouble free security, rain or shine.